Saturday, June 15, 2002

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The SF Chronicle is reporting that Supe Gavin Newsome is giving up on trying to persuade the rest of the supervisors and taking his Care Not Cash program to the voters. The homeless problem in this city is out of control, and Newsome is the only one with any courage to do anything about it. The homeless here are currently entitled to up to $395 per month, no questions asked. Newsome wants to dramatically slash the cash and increase shelter services, drug treatment programs and job training. There is a large contingent of homeless advocates who seem to think homelessness is a lifestyle choice.
One man who calls himself Embarcadero Rob, and who was hanging out in United Nations Plaza this week, said he worries that Care Not Cash will force him into shelters with curfews or substandard city housing.

"The bottom line is I should have a right to a choice," agreed friend Robert W., who declined to give his last name.

Embarcadero Rob is worried about substandard city housing? As opposed to a steam grate in front of City Hall? I don't believe sleeping on the street and urinating in front of someone's business is a right people have. So good for Newsome for taking the heat and speaking out realistically about a problem that desperately needs to be solved.

Friday, June 14, 2002

Here's an uplifting piece on the pro-Palestinian left on Bay Area campuses. It begins:
Isaac Goldstein enrolled at San Francisco State University (SFSU) in part to get away from the anti-Semitism he experienced in the small Northern California town of St. Helena. "I got called a dirty Jew all the time and harassed," says Goldstein, who was one of only three Jews in his high school class of about 120 students. "I thought San Francisco was a liberal, open-minded city and people would accept all kinds of thought."

Unfortunately, Isaac, "liberal" and "open-minded" are not the same thing. Also, notice where the support for the Palestinian group at Cal comes from. Charming.
MSNBC is reporting that Salt Lake City police now believe that the breaking and entering evidence in the Elizabeth Smart case was faked. Specifically that the screen door that was cut to gain access to the house was cut from the inside. Maybe someone should talk to the Ramseys about this.
From the Kuwaiti Al-Watan daily comes this report (via MEMRI) that Yasser Arafat has embezzled 5.1 million dollars in Palestinian aid money from the Arab states. It seems he also invested money in a Jordanian cement co. Cement prices consequently skyrocketed due to bulldozed buildings in the West Bank.
"The sources added that the funds that reached the Palestinian Authority from Kuwait and the other Gulf states [meant] for the Committee for the Reconstruction of Hebron Homes, [which were to be distributed to residents of homes] destroyed by Israeli bulldozers during the Intifada, did not reach the people entitled to them. Rather, they were distributed to the PA leaders close to Arafat and to several top officials of the Fatah movement, headed by Arafat."

"The sources added that the citizens entitled to these funds appealed to the head of the committee, a Hebronite from the Al-Qawasmeh family, but received nothing."

All this just futhers the notion that Arafat is not interested in the welfare of his people, nor is he capable of leading a state.
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Give me a break:
Subaru has pulled an advertisement that "had angered rabbit advocates because it showed a vulnerable domestic bunny being released in a forest," the San Francisco Chronicle reports. "Subaru said it had intended to show a cottontail or wild rabbit, one with survival skills a domestic rabbit does not have. But, as rabbit fanciers know, the animal in the ad is a domestic breed which would quickly fall to prey in the woods."

From OpinionJournal
Ok, so maybe "soccer isn't the Americans' game quite yet" but I predict we win the World Cup if not next time, than the time after that. And then our world domination will be complete.
This is pretty funny, but completely ridiculous. Dignitaries do not merit special treatment? How much common sense does it take to realize that Al Gore, or an 80 year old grandma, is not a terrorist?
Peggy Noonan has a good column on the Department of Homeland Security and why Rudy Giuliani, not Tom Ridge, should be it's head. She makes a good case, but why anyone would want that job, no matter what the benefits, is beyond me.
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